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HRDF Claimable Training Courses list 2024

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Which training programs are eligible for reimbursement through HRDF claims?

Training courses that qualify for HRDF claims are those offered by training providers certified by the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), catering to various professional development requirements.

Which entities are authorized to claim reimbursements from the HRDF?

Entities that contribute to the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) are entitled to recover training expenses from the HRD Corp, encouraging a culture of ongoing learning and development among their employees.

Is Leading Quantum recognized by HRDF as an approved training provider?

Yes, Leading Quantum is acknowledged as an approved training provider by the HRD Corp, with our educators also certified under the HRD Corp’s Train the Trainer (TTT) program, ensuring top-notch training sessions.

What is the maximum reimbursement amount available from HRDF for different courses?

Under the HRDF SBL scheme, contributing entities can claim up to RM 8,000 per day for technical courses and RM 6,000 per day for non-technical or soft skills courses, supporting skill advancement across various fields.

Does HRDF cover claims for online training and e-learning initiatives?

HRDF accommodates claims for a wide range of e-learning initiatives, including online courses, recognizing the changing dynamics of professional training.

How do I sign up for your online courses that are eligible for HRDF claims?

To enroll in our online HRDF-claimable training courses, please utilize our “contact us” feature, fill in your details, and a Leading Quantum Specialist will contact you to provide the necessary assistance and information.

Can I customize courses to fit specific organizational needs?

Certainly, we provide the option to customize most of our courses to suit your specific training needs. A Leading Quantum Specialist will work with you to develop the ideal course outline and select the most appropriate trainer, taking into account factors like your target audience, existing challenges, expected outcomes, and age group.

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Unlock the potential of your workforce with Leading Quantum’s HRD Training Programmes – expertly designed, HRDF claimable courses tailored to elevate your team’s skills. Our comprehensive training programs empower professionals with cutting-edge knowledge, ensuring eligibility for HRDF claims. Invest in your team’s growth and maximize your HR development budget. Explore our range of HRDF claimable courses today.

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