Forklift Safety Training – Safe Handling Forklift Training

This forklift safety training was designed to prevent injury and minimize property damage through accidents involving the operations of Forklift Trucks. It provides Forklift Truck operator with knowledge on handling, daily inspection, proper maintenance and safety in the operation of the truck.

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Course Objective

Upon completion this forklift safety training, participants will be able to:

  1. Have a knowledge in safety of handling forklift Truck

  2. Understand the forklift truck and its safety operation

  3. Identify the causes and effects of accidents involving forklift

  4. Conduct daily safety, performance and maintenance inspections on the forklift trucks

  5. Practice as smart forklift driver


  1. Introduction to Safe Handling Forklift

  2. Forklift Safety Operation – Hazard and Risk

  3. Legal requirement related to Forklift Safety Operation

  4. Forklift Operator’s Daily Maintenance and Component Checklist

  5. Forklift Stability and handling

  6. Safe Operating Procedure – Safe Handling Forklift

  7. Practical & Assessment Session

Target Group

  • Forklift driver

  • Forklift Supervisor


  • Lecture, group discussion, study case and practical.


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