Working at Height Training – HRD Corp Claimable Course

Successful participants will be able to work safely at heights in the workplace with minimal supervision by identifying the requirements of the job, accessing and installing the required equipment, and cleaning up the work area. They will also be able to conduct a risk assessment of the job.

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Objective training?

At the end of this training which contains both lecture and practical session, participants will be able;

  • To learn how to identify hazards in the workplace while working at height

  • To follow the risk assessments that have been carried out for working at height

  • To identify risk controls for working at height based on the hierarchy.

  • To learn on how to select and use appropriate equipment correctly to prevent falls while working at height.

Topics include in the training?

  • Introduction to Working at Height Safety

  • Legislation pertaining to Height Safety

  • Control Measure during Working at Height

  • Fall Protection Plans

  • Working at Height PPE

  • Suspension Trauma

Program requirements

  • Classroom and teaching aid (Computer and whiteboard)

  • Practical site (Above 10ft platform)

  • Full body harness

Target Group

  • Supervisor

  • Operator

100% HRD Corp Claimable Course conduct In-house  by Leading Quantum Consultancy.


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